Delaware Lions Club
   Serving  our community since 1971.




 The Beginning 


Our Charter Executive 1971-1972

Standing: Jim McIntosh, Martin Schertzel, Cor Groenewegen, Bill Welter, Harry Vandewetering,
Ken Werboweski, Kees Serrarens, Pete Vanos
Seated: Ross McTaggart, Ross Jackson, Darcy Gegear, Newton Milne 


Ross Jackson  (Charter President of Delaware Lions)  

Marj Jackson  

Marg Fraser  

Jim Fraser  (Belmont Lion, sponsor club of Delaware) 


In the small community of Delaware many rallied to "serve" and provide for the needs and wants of its residents in 1971 when the interest of the men of the area led to the beginning of its first local service club, the Delaware Lions Club. This interest was sparked by the Delaware Rink Committee, composed of ten concerned members of the community who saw the need for some facility to accommodate the youngsters of the township. After many hours, much discussion, leg-work, consideration of options and slow progress realized, Ross Jackson of Delaware, Jim Fraser of the Belmont Lions Club and District Governor of A-1, Lion Joe Kovacs of the Mount Brydges Lions Club, felt that a service club, a larger group of dedicated men, could accomplish greater things. Thus the Delaware Lions Club was founded through the sponsorship and guidance of the Belmont Lions Club, the Mother Club. On March 24, 1971, the Delaware Lions Club received its charter from The International Association of Lions Clubs. Charter Night was held on August 28, 1971 with a roster of forty-four members willing to "SERVE" under the leadership of Charter President Lion Ross Jackson. The Club continued to grow and change as one hundred fifty-six men have been here to "SERVE" the community of Delaware. Membership has fluctuated from forty-one members by the end of the first year of service to sixty-three in 1994 and presently the Club has thirty-two members.

At first meetings and events were conducted in the "Old" Town hall situated on John Street. The Delaware Lions Bingo became the "Friday Night Delaware Event".

The Delaware Lions quickly became a visible service group in their community as they provided opportunities for the young with support of minor sports, and senior residents with a Variety Show and visits to see the Christmas lights at Victoria Park in London. The community received some special care as the Lions proceeded to clean-up the outdoor rink area and the Thames Valley Park and weekly grass cutting kept the park a pleasant place for local residents. Lions' road signs were proudly erected and Delaware Township was blitzed with a Charcoal Drive, netting a $177 profit. The Club members were so enthused that they had no difficulty supplying enough man-power to work three events in two days on April 28 and 29 of 1972 when they organized the weekly bingo, a dance at the Banqueter and a local talent variety show.